The 4 Hour Body…. Amazing!!! [BodyMods]

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I’m so exited right now. About a week and a half ago I received my advanced copy of “The 4 Hour Body” and immediately devoured the rapid weight loss chapters. I’ve been at a plateau bouncing between 260lbs and 270lbs since Mid July. My goal at the time was to get to 250. One week after reading and following the prescribed nutritional program from the book (The Slow Carb Diet) I’ve broken through that plateau dramatically. In one week I lost 2 inches around my waist and dropped almost 8 pounds. I did this w/out modifying my exercise routine and I was not the least bit hungry while following this diet. It works. Check out my detailed weight loss chart that shows my progress from the beginning of the year. I use a Withings Scale and to record these results and they are verifiable, my profile is public. I’m so excited about the results I can’t stop thinking about where I will be in 2 months with respect to my goals and the way I will look and feel!

If you’re interested in losing weight or making it to that goal that’s been eluding you then go buy The 4 Hour Body, this book works!


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  1. Congrats!! Keep posting these updates, your story is already an inspiration. I’m going to check out the dailyburn myself – I use a tanita bluetooth scale and a zephyr heart rate monitor. Going to get a Nexus S tomorrow and begin the body upgrades using examples from 4hb.

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